May 15, 2018

The Bottled Sumi Ink - Traditional Japanese Painting

Etegami is a simple, in-the-moment inspired freehand painting. It is only Etegami when the painting is first outlined by Sumi Ink then colored in with water color, finally accompanied by a short, simple message.

How do I uses battled Sumi Ink for Etegami?

In our previous blog post, A Guide to Sumi Ink: The Inkstick, we introduced how to use a Sumi Inkstick. In this post, we will introduce the bottled liquid Sumi ink.

A bottled Sumi ink comes in many different forms, shapes, sizes, and brands but are all similar when it comes to use. Unlike the Inkstick, bottled Sumi ink does not need to be diluted with water: it is ready to be used without any preparation.

Japanese Painting Kit

Simply pour the Sumi ink onto an Inkstone. It is also okay if you do not have an Inkstone for this type of Sumi ink.

Etegami Japanese painting kit

The bottled Sumi ink makes it a winner when it comes to ease of use but the Inkstone should definitely be your choice if you are looking for quality and intricacy. As seen from the photo below, the quality of the Inkstone is far above than the bottled Sumi inks (left is done with Inkstone and right is done with bottled Sumi Ink).


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