February 15, 2018

Etegami is a simple, in-the-moment inspired freehand painting. It is only Etegami when the painting is first outlined by Sumi Ink then colored in with water color, finally accompanied by a short, simple message.

Inside our Etegami Course, you will find an inkstick and inkstone. An inkstick is a type of solid ink. An inkstone is the mortar for grinding the inkstick.

To produce sumi ink, a small amount of water is dropped into the inkstone. Then the inkstick is grinded on the inkstone with water, producing sumi ink. The reservoir towards the end of the inkstone is created to produce a "puddle" of ink in order to avoid fast evaporation.


*play the video to see the process


The amount of water you drop into the inkstone and how much you grind the inkstick is up to you.  The more you grind, the darker your ink.

Take a look at our Etegami and Etegami Course page for more information.