December 19, 2017

Do you know a company called Clover Needlecraft, Inc.?
Clover is a well reputed brand of patchwork quilting tools and sewing notions.
Having been considered as high quality and easy to use, their products are quite popular among Japanese crafters and their market shares are expanding rapidly in the U.S.

Our Chirimen Course package contains six items from Clover. Lets look at the tools individually.


This Bond will be the perfect adhesive for all kinds of crafting activities – from fabric projects to paper craft pieces.
This glue will dry clear, to ensure you don't have to worry about unsightly glue marks anywhere.


High quality stainless steel with long-lasting cutting performance. These patchwork scissors are perfect for intricate cutting needs such as small patchwork pieces and tight corners. The sharp durable blades are ideal for giving a clean fine cut to layers of fabrics.



The needles have gold plating and a unique long eye to take thread easily and glide through fabric smoothly. The hardness of steel also makes them hard to break or bend. 

The Silk Pins are great to use for thin fabric. They have a thin sharp tip so they can easily pass through fabric and will not leave pin marks. The small heads on these pins will not get in the way when stitching.



The old safety pin method is fine, but this bodkin literally cuts your task time down to a matter of seconds.

This bodkin features special 'teeth' that grip well by a sliding ring. Simply clamp the bodkin over the edge of elastics and ribbons, slide the ring to lock into place and thread through the casing.



This brilliant handy item has two functions in one piece: marking unit & ironing board. Use the coarse side to easily mark fabric without slipping or moving. It holds even stretchy fabrics such as chirimen in place on its sandpapery surface allowing for accurate and clean marking. Use the ironing pad to iron projects you need to press with an iron every step of the way. The very portable patchwork board is designed especially for quilters and crafters and ideal for both home use or for taking to classes.


All the products mentioned above are included in our Chirimen Course Package. To learn more about our Chirimen Course, visit our Chirimen page.