January 23, 2018

So if you keep a planner every year, you know that there are A LOT of choices out there. Have you looked at every model out there but can't find one that combines all your needs?

Well, why not create it yourself?

There are many ways to create your planner: using printables, making your own pages, combining several planners, or personalizing an existing planner. We're going to try out crafting our own unique 2018 planner by personalizing an existing planner.

By mid January, most planners go on sale at craft stores and craft sections at general stores. Yes, the selections may be smaller by now, but we're going to customize it so no worries!

Let's look at what we picked up to personalize our 2018 planner.

1. The Planner
We looked for a basic planner with lots of white space both on the monthly and daily section. This way, we have plenty of room to personalize it with different craft tools.


 2. Stickers
Stickers are a fun and easy way to personalize those blank pages. We found a handy sticker pad with a variety of stickers separated by season.


3. Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes are effective since you can make notes and move it around if needed.


4. Crafting Tape
Crafting Tape is also an easy way to customize those blank pages. You can use it for one date, the whole week, or just the weekends. The possibility is endless!


5. Paper / Washi Paper
We purchased a paper pad that had a variety of designs. They are also reversible which can be used in a fun way.
We also want to bring out our extra Washi Paper collected from our Chigiri-e projects. Most of our Chigiri-e projects kits will leave you with plenty of extra. This is a great place to use those extra!


Come back to our blog as we will continue adding more crafts and ideas each month to our planner!