January 25, 2019

A Look Into Etegami - Japanese Water Color Crafts

 Instructor Introduction Part 3 - Interview

In the previous two blog posts of “A Look Into Etegami - Japanese Water Color Crafts,” a brief description of Etegami and its Instructor Sachiko Hanashiro and her class activities were presented. In this Part 3, we are going to introduce some extracts from her interview on how Etegami has changed her life.


Hanashiro_2_6, Japanese Etegami Water Colors"I started looking at things more closely ever since I started Etegami. Seeing things with new interest made me curious and realize that my everyday life was actually surrounded by interesting things. Eventually it led me to enjoy my life more."

"Surrounded by so many newly found interesting things, soon I noticed that I needed to squeeze time for creating Etegami out of my already busy days. Before long, my use of time improved. Less would be the time being lazy and doing nothing, my life became more fulfilled day by day. I felt my back straightened up feeling that I was making the most out of life. With my life more fulfilling, I found myself smiling more. Before I knew it more people started to connect with me."

Hanashiro-2, etegami, japanese water colors, traditional japanese arts"Having been making Etegami for several decades, I now smile at all times. Through Etegami I have built a good amount of relationships with people and met countless smiling faces for which I truly feel thankful. A lot of my students shared with me this effect of Etegami. They told me that even after a long and tiring day at work, as soon as they found an Etegami in the mail they would become animated instantly.”

 Getting Started with Etegami

One of the satisfactions that come with creating Etegami is that it is not just something you draw and that is the end of it but you can use it to connect with others. Maybe it is the reason that people are motivated to keep creating Etegami for many years.

 For your next opportunity to give someone a card, why don’t you send an Etegami? We guarantee it would make the day of the person who received it! 



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