September 11, 2017

YukataLarge firework shows are a must in Japan during the summer. Many dress up in typical summer festival outfits, Yukata (a casual summer kimono, usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, unlined), and hold an Uchiwa (traditional Japanese fan). This outfit is known to keep you cool in the hot summer days.

Fireworks festival, Hanabi Taikai, are held nearly every day someplace in Japan during the summer. Some regions in Japan hold firework shows during Autumn and Winter seasons; it is a fresh experience to see fireworks in the chilly weather.

Typical Japanese fireworks are big, almost perfect circular ones. When seeing Japanese fireworks shows for the first time, one may realize the slow pace and the timing between each firework. The silence between each firework is to express the fragility of these short-lived beauties. Maybe the people of Japan watch fireworks to remind themselves of how precious life could be, just like when they see the petals of cherry blossoms fall to the ground in Spring.


Doesn’t it make you feel positive by just looking up or forward? Maybe fireworks were created to make us feel positive by looking at the colorful fireworks in the dark sky.