December 19, 2018

Holiday Chigiri-E – Festive Fun For Everyone!

Bring your family together this season for a #HolidayWithWashi. New from Japanese Creations, these bright, fun holiday chigiri-e projects are sure to add a unique and artistic flair to your home. Be it for a one-time holiday decoration, or the beginning of a life-long hobby, these kits are a great place to get your family started in the creative arts of chigiri-e.

Chigiri-e Christmas Santa And Reindeer

Holiday Chigiri-eThis is a bright and cheerful project that is perfect for a beginner to jump into. This kit can be used to create an image of Santa, standing beside a reindeer, who is poking out from behind a festive Christmas tree. This kit includes Washi & Chalk Paper, Card & Envelope & Pattern, Finished Example and Online Instruction. The only thing you will need to help finish this kit is a pair of scissors to cut out the decorations on the tree and the star. This simple piece is perfect to use as a start to chigiri-e.

Chigiri-e Christmas Stocking

Japanese Arts & CraftsLooks like Santa has stopped by! This playful piece uses a lot of bright, solid colors to create a heartwarming image of a stocking, filled with candy and presents. There are no complex shapes needed for this piece, so it’s great for a first or second project. This kit includes Washi & Chalk Paper, Card & Envelope & Pattern, Finished Example and Online Instruction.

Chigiri-e Holiday Snowman

traditional arts & craftsReady for something a bit more challenging? Try tackling this project of a friendly snowman, complete with hat, scarf and gloves. This project will provide a bit more of a challenge, as you will need to cut out the decorations for the snowman, and set up the background. This kit will be good practice for a beginner, getting them accustomed to some of the more advanced techniques that will be applied with more sophisticated projects.

Chigiri-e Christmas Ornaments

arts & craftsOrnaments come in many shapes and colors, and this kit is the perfect way to represent that! This kit will provide more opportunities for adding your own unique flair to a chigiri-e project. If you really want to test your skills, you can take advantage of the color gradation in the washi paper to make your ornaments seem as if they glow from within, and the golden reindeer will create a bright centerpiece!

Chigiri-e Holiday Holly

The perfect way to create a custom holiday card! This beautiful kit creates an image of holly leaves made from washi, a clipped gold border and a big golden bell in the middle. It's easy to make a really beautiful card with your very own hands.

Chigiri-e Holiday Poinsettia

traditional japanese arts & craftsNow, this is a challenge! This holiday card-worthy image is the perfect opportunity to fully utilize the semi-transparency of the washi paper to create gorgeous overlapping leaves that give a wonderful sense of depth. This is truly an advanced piece that will test your skills, but also provides you with the freedom to create a custom piece.


New Chigiri-e Motif: Three Petite Flowers

August 1, 2019

Introducing our new Chigiri-e motif, Three Petite Flowers! It comes with a beautiful wooden frame designed specially for the motif!


Let's Try Chigiri-e for $5 with Japanese Creations' Trial Kit!

July 24, 2019

Having a hobby that you can enjoy for a long time enriches your life. Chigiri-e serves as one of the popular lifelong hobbies to many people in Japan. Have a try to see if you can enjoy Chigiri-e as much as they do!


Do You Take Your Shoes Off Inside?

July 18, 2019

In some countries, it is standard custom. In others, not quite.

I grew up in Japan where taking off your shoes before entering a house is a habitual practice. Japanese houses are designed to have a designated entryway just inside the door that we call genkan. The genkan acts as a boundary between the inside and the outside. At the genkan, we take off our shoes, store them in the built-in shoe cabinet or leave them there if you are a guest, and put on indoor slippers to proceed into the house.


Emojis That Doesn't Mean What You Think

July 11, 2019

July 17th, World Emoji Day, is approaching! Rarely a day goes by that we do not see emojis. They are everywhere. They are not limited in text messages and social media anymore. We see them in press releases, merchandise such as emoji on t-shirts and phone cases, and even in  tattoos. But did you know that the original meanings of some of the emoji were lost in translation?


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