November 30, 2017

What have you made so far for your holiday craft?
We have Holiday Chigiri-e motifs that we think are perfect for your Holiday craft projects!

*Each Chigiri-e project kits come with enough Washi paper to create the motifs several times.

1. Ornament with our Santa and Reindeer motif

What you need to provide: paper coasters, a hole puncher, and ribbon.

Make one hole with a hole puncher in one of the corner of the paper coaster. Tie the ribbon through the hole. Line the coaster with Washi paper of your choice.
Since our "Santa and Reindeer" motif has both Santa and Reindeer, we separated them and made two ornaments!

 Japanese fabric crafts

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2. Candle with our Poinsettia motif

What you need to provide: a battery operated candle.

Cut Washi paper to the size of the candle height and circumference; it should be a rectangle shaped cut. Create the Poinsettia motif onto your measured, cut Washi paper. Once completed, carefully glue your work onto the candle.


3. Container with our Ornaments motif

What you need to provide: a tall tin can and paper

Same as the Poinsettia motif on the candle, measure a Washi paper to the height and circumference of the tin can. Create your Ornaments motif onto the Washi paper you cut to the size of the tin.  Once completed, glue whole thing onto tin can.


We hope this has inspired you to check out our Holiday Chigri-e motifs and create fun Holidays crafts like these! Let us know if you have any great ideas you can create with our Chigiri-e motifs!