October 24, 2017

When choosing hotel rooms, many Japanese people pick rooms with hot springs, or onsen. Japan has thousands of onsen spread across the country.

Onsen is known to help you with your everyday stress and fatigue on your body and mind. Historically, onsen used to be used for medicinal purposes for different cures. Not only humans, but also animals like monkeys and deer were said to use onsen for curing their wounds.

Today, many seek onsen for refreshment and relaxation.

Many travel to onsen towns, book a hotel with private onsen in their rooms, walk around town in yukata (casual summer kimono) and geta (traditional Japanese footwear, similar to clogs), eat local dishes, and relax. Even just thinking about it makes people relaxed.

If one wants to enjoy onsen easier, you can go to “feet onsen,” or ashiyu, where only the feet are dipped into onsen. Ashiyu are also popular because many enjoy just rolling up their pants and dipping their feet and still get the warmth all over their body!   


Do you know the basic rules of onsen?

  • No bathing suits
  • No towels inside tub
  • Must wash down before entering tub
  • Must be seated when showering outside of tub

Enjoy onsen next time you are in Japan; they are a must!

Thank you to one of our instructors for creating this fun Chigiri-e where a Japanese monkey is enjoying onsen!  Learn more about Chigiri-e here.