June 19, 2019

Make A Difference With Your Handmade Cards

We get cards on birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Even though there are tons of cards for every occasion commercially available and on shelves at a local store, there is no denying that a handmade card is the best way to show loved ones how much you care. Here are some simple ideas of card making using Japanese Creation’s trial Chigiri-e kit.

I have dear friends Jen and Dan, who are a couple. They are going to celebrate their 30th anniversary next week. Knowing that it is a big celebrating milestone for a couple, I have decided to make them a heartwarming DIY card using a Chigiri-e trial kit sold $5 from Japanese Creations.


In the package there is a template I can copy but I decided to let my creativity fly and pursue my own design. I love card making because the only limit is your imagination!


Using the pointed edge of the wooden stick in the package, I made indentation of letters on the green Washi paper and hand-tear them. This process would become quite fast and easy once you learn to put the right amount of pressure while making indentation with the wooden stick. 


I printed a free dove illustration found online and made two doves. On the template in the original package, there are some interesting materials. I copied a small heart from it.


Having diluted the glue as instructed in the explanation sheet, I glued on each letter and design onto my card using the back of the wooden stick. This way is less messy than using fingers!


My card is done! I am quite satisfied with my work. Isn’t it lovely? I love the soft irregular texture of the Washi, which is pleasant to touch. Seeing it up close, you can tell the fibers in the Washi on the fluff edges that make the piece unique and create a warm feeling. I can’t wait to look at the couple’s reaction when I give it to them!


My creative mind wanted to make something with the leftover Washi. Besides, I still have a small white card which came with the kit and plenty of diluted glue.


So, I made a card to my parents for their upcoming anniversary. The only adjustment I made for the second card is that I used craft paper on hand because my green Washi piece was not enough for the doves. I hope they would like the card!

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