January 15, 2019

New Year, New Hobby? Try a Traditional Japanese Art

Everyone make New Year resolutions. Get that raise you deserve, spend more time with your family, stick to your diet and lose those last 10 pounds. Why not try something new for the new year and maybe start a life long hobby? Take the first step with one of our exciting traditional Japanese arts and crafts projects!

Chigiri -E: Getting Started With A Paper Art

chigiri-e, traditional japanese arts & crafts, paper craftUsing dyed washi paper, beautiful images are crafted by tearing and shaping the fragment shards into an image of your desire. The effect of these can be breathtaking, as the result often looks like a water-colored painting, due to the semi-translucent nature of the washi paper. Japanese Creations is proud to offer a Complete Chigiri-e Course Package, including 6 projects to help get you started in this ancient Japanese art. If you’re feeling bold and want to try jumping right in here are a few beginner projects you can try your hand at.

Chirimen: Taking Fabric Projects to the Next Level

chirimen, japanese fabric craft, traditional arts and craftsAre you a fan of sewing projects? Then Chirimen is for you! This Japanese craft focuses on the use of Chirimen (the fabric used in the creation of kimonos) to allow you to create your own hand-sewn ornaments, pouches and more! Download our convenient e-book to learn more about this ancient art.

Etegami: Japanese Watercolors In Your Hands

etegami, japanese water color, japanese arts and craftsIf you’re looking for something new, but familiar, Etegami might be right up your alley. Our course will cover everything, from how to hold a paintbrush to using ink and gainsai paints. We make learning easy and fun for beginners, ensuring that you get the most out of your time. We will even deliver all the tools and materials you need right to your door! Nothing else is required, and you can start the day you receive our package. Get started today!

A New Years Resolution can be an exciting prospect, but maintaining a tedious goal can be hard, especially long term. With our fun, beginner friendly courses, we will help you not only begin a new art, but keep it going all through your life!


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