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Traditional Japanese Arts & Crafts Ideas

Nov 5, 2018

Anyone who has thrown themselves into an art project for an extended period of time can relate to this! You finish a project, and you want to dive right into the next project, but you aren’t feeling that spark of inspiration to get going. You aren’t sure what to do next. What project will fill you with pride to see completed? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you reignite that creative drive. Take a look at our project ideas and see if you get inspired!


Japanese Arts and Crafts

Nov 5, 2018

A Brief History

The Craft of Chigiri-E

You may know that chigiri-e is a picture created from torn fabric and paper using Washi paper to create abstract and realistic images and designs. You may also know that Washi is Japanese colored paper created by hand and used in chigiri-e; but, where did chigiri-e come from?


A Look Into Etegami - Japanese Water Color Crafts

Sep 21, 2018

Instructor Introduction Part 1 - Etegami Basics

It has been 50 years since the hobby called “Etegami” was born in Japan. In the beginning, there were only a few people who practiced this hobby, but its popularity has grown exponentially; now, there are around 2 million people in Japan alone that practice this type of art.


Summer Craft Ideas with Chigiri-e Part 2 - Traditional Japanese Arts and Crafts

Aug 10, 2018

"Stained Glass" with Washi Paper


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