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Learn Hand Sewing Techniques - Part 4

Apr 25, 2018

Thread Loop

In this post, we are going to demonstrate how to sew a thread loop. A thread loop (in Japan it has a pretty name of caterpillar stitch, “mushi-kagari”) is a strand of thread that is stitched together to create a single loop. Normally you see this loop when you need a button loop or belt loop for very fine fabrics, such as Chirimen, silk, or sheers. It looks sophisticated but is very functional too, and you can create it with a simple, repeating process!




Event Report: Scrapbook Expo at Irving, TX

Apr 10, 2018

On March 23 and 24, we opened a booth at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Irving, TX. 


Japanese Washi Paper Shop in Berkeley, CA

Mar 21, 2018

We visited a paper shop, Miki’s Paper, in Berkeley, CA. Miki’s Paper is located on 4th Street, a popular shopping street with unique shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Miki’s Paper specializes in high quality Japanese Washi paper for professional artists, craft enthusiasts, and for those who simply appreciate art. Opened 25 years ago, the store offers different kinds of Japanese specialty papers along with greeting cards, journals, gift wrapping bags and craft kits, many of them handmade by the staff onsite.  


Yamato Glue: the Environmental Friendly Glue from Japan

Mar 9, 2018

Inside our Chigiri-e Starter Tool kit, you will find a bright green bottle. This is the Yamato glue. For over 60 years, this Yamato glue has been loved by many around Japan.


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