July 6, 2018

Summer Craft Ideas with Chigiri-e - Japanese Paper Crafts

Smartphone Cases with Chigiri-e

Not only do cellphone cases protect our smartphones, they are a part of how we express ourselves. Most of us buy cases so if and when those gadgets accidentally fall out of our hand or bags, they are well protected. We also buy cases for their fun designs to suit our style.

There are thousands of designs we can choose from. But if you are a crafter, why not incorporate your craft into these cases?

Let us show you how you can take a plain, ordinary smartphone case and turn it into an one-of-a-kind case using Chigiri-e.


For this case, the "Plum" Chigiri-e motif was used. The small motif was the perfect size for a smartphone case and the vibrant red flowers popped on the silver case.


For these two cases, we created an original motif (remember, you get plenty of extra Washi paper in our project kits). One is a fireworks motif and the other an abstract design.

P6260289 P6260291 P6260292


With the Yamato glue, it was easy to glue down the Washi paper on most types of cases. The Plum motif was glued down to a hard plastic case. The fireworks and abstract motif was glued to a soft, flexible rubber material.

Once the art work is glued and dried (we dried it overnight), make sure to use a water-based varnish to protect your craft. Most water-based varnish will work but be sure to test it on a piece of Washi paper; some varnish will stain or wrinkle the Washi paper.




Now, what are you waiting for? Take any of our Chigiri-e project motifs and try it on your smartphone cases! Or try creating your own designs!


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