August 10, 2018

Summer Craft Ideas with Chigiri-e Part 2 - Traditional Japanese Arts and Crafts

"Stained Glass" with Washi Paper

What you need:
Stencil for the frame of your "stained glass" (we picked up a laser cut wooden stencil at a local craft shop, see image below)
Washi paper*
Yamato glue
Cutting mat or cardboard

*Remember, you always have extra Washi left over with our Chigiri-e kits and courses. Don't throw them away and you can make Washi crafts like this one! 
Laser Cut Wooden Stencil

1. Lay Washi paper on back on stencil and lightly engrave Washi with stylus. Make sure engraving is done a little bigger than opening of stencil. Have fun choosing color gradients on Washi paper!
Stained Glass_Stylus

2. Engrave deeper on Washi paper with stylus on a cutting mat or cardboard. This will make the hand tearing easier. Hand tear once engraving is enough. Use scissors for tight corners if necessary.
Stained Glass-4

3. Lightly brush Yamato glue on stencil (3:1 ratio of water to glue) and place torn Washi with tweezers.
Stained Glass_Glue  Stained Glass_Glue_2

4. Repeat until all openings are covers with Washi paper.
Stained Glass_Heart

5. You can either prop it up on a window sill or attach a string to hang it on your window
Stained Glass_AllThree

Stained Glass_OnWindow
Stained Glass-15

Stained Glass_Diamond 
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