June 13, 2019

Summer Fun For The Family With Asian Arts and Crafts

Summer is here and that means that the kids will be out of school and ready to have some fun. Looking for something fun that the whole family can do together this summer? Try your hand at a traditional Japanese arts and crafts project! Regardless of skill level, your family will love these colorful projects and you will love keeping them busy and engaging with them all summer!

Learning a Traditional Asian Art: Chigiri-e for Beginners

For first timers, our Chigiri-e Course Package is an ideal starting place! The course kit includes a guide book to help walk you though the first few projects, as well as access to online tutorials. This ensures that your family won’t be left frustrated by their first projects and that you can be proud of the result. The kit also includes enough components to make washi paper pictures of:chigiri-e, traditional japanese arts and crafts, paper craft, Asian arts and crafts

  • a magnolia bush
  • a yuzu fruit
  • two gouldian finches
  • a marguerite flower
  • a goldfish
  • a bonsai tree

As an added bonus, the kit also includes the tool kit, to help make sure that your family have everything they need to create a work of art this summer!

For Washi Paper Experts

If your family are already skilled in the arts of chigiri-e, they may need something more of a challenge to keep them entertained. Never fear, because Japanese Creations has multiple advanced kits for the dedicated washi paper artists! These colorful kits are sure to entice any young artist, with their bright colors and complicated patterns.

chigiri-e, traditional japanese arts and crafts, paper craft, Asian arts and crafts

The Maiko-San piece is a wonderfully colorful piece that is perfectly in keeping with the theme of summer! This piece depicts a sacred Japanese tradition that takes place on the mountains surrounding Kyoto, wherein giant bonfires in the shapes of Japanese characters are lit on the mountainside. This beautiful washi kit is full of deep blue and purple colors to capture the summer night, with bright warm colors to capture the symbol on the mountain and the railing in the foreground. This is sure to provide a unique and memorable challenge for anyone who is committing to chigiri-e but who may not be ready for more advanced projects.

chigiri-e, traditional japanese arts and crafts, paper craft, Asian arts and craftsIf you are ready to try something more challenging, then we suggest challenging them with the Bush Clovers kit. This advanced project will provide even a seasoned artist with a challenge, but handled correctly, this piece is a stunning display of color and grace. The gradations of color, in both the leaves and the flowers, can change the impression that the bush clover makes completely, meaning great care and skill are needed to make the bush look natural. This kit truly utilizes washi paper to its fullest extent, and for a dedicated artist, will make a gratifying display piece.

Celebrate Summer with Traditional Asian Arts and Crafts

Summer is a time of relaxation and enjoyment for the whole family. School is out and you want to just fun and enjoy your family. For those days where playing outside is not an option, or when you want to spend some time bonding with your family, chigiri-e can be a wonderful experience that brings you together. Who knows, you may just spark a lifelong interest and create an everlasting bond with your children.


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