November 28, 2017

As owls with glasses are regularly spotted on signs for libraries, owls are portrayed as wisdom and knowledge. In childhood stories owl characters are usually described as bearers of intelligence. (Do you remember the know-it-all Owl from Winnie the Pooh?)

In Japan, owls are synonymous with good luck because the Japanese word fukuro for owl is nearly the same word fuku which means “luck”.

Today let us introduce you some owl crafts from Japan that are just too cute to resist!


There are many more ideas such as pencil holders, towel hangers, and albums. Owls are great for any projects and occasion!

Being the perfect pick for both boys and girls, an owl motif is a popular choice for baby outfits, as well.

How about an owl made from chirimen fabric?


They are soft and adorable, yet very easy to make!

If you are a night owl, why don't you decorate your room with these owls to spend the long nights of winter together? 

To learn more about Chirimen, visit our Chirimen page.