November 5, 2018

Traditional Japanese Arts & Crafts Ideas

Anyone who has thrown themselves into an art project for an extended period of time can relate to this! You finish a project, and you want to dive right into the next project, but you aren’t feeling that spark of inspiration to get going. You aren’t sure what to do next. What project will fill you with pride to see completed? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you reignite that creative drive. Take a look at our project ideas and see if you get inspired!

Traditional Chigiri-e Art Ideas

Stained Glass Chigiri-e, Traditional Japanese Arts and CraftsChigiri-e is an excellent way to create pieces of art that look like oil paintings and watercolor. It creates soft, subtle images with smooth color transitions. There are many applications beyond creating static images with Chigiri-e. The paper is thin and brightly colored, perfect for letting the sun shine through it from behind. Chigiri-e can be ideal for faux-stained glass pieces to hang in your windows at home!

Why limit your art to large scale hanging pieces? The beauty of Chigiri-e is that it doesn’t take much to create something breathtaking, and size is no object. Why not try adding a splash of color to your phone case? Something so simple and small can often get overlooked, but chigiri-e is quite versatile--it can be applied at almost any size, and to gorgeous effect. Why stop at phone cases? Create masterful Easter eggs this year by applying some custom chigiri-e designs. The only limit to what you can create is how small you can get the pieces!

Chirimen Craft Projects

The unique and colorful patterns of chirimen fabric are perfect for a variety of projects, beyond the basics. You can use the bright and friendly fabrics to create stuffed animals for children in your lives. The adaptability of the fabric will allow you to create creatures of all shapes and sizes!

Chirimen craft projects, Traditional japanese artsNeed a new coin purse or bag? Instead of buying one, create your own with chirimen fabric! Become the envy of your friends with your own custom purse, designed and sewn by your own hands. What about creating colorful holiday ornaments? Decorate your home with bright colors this year with custom Chirimen pieces.

Got your thinking cap on with some new ideas? Don’t limit yourself to the suggestions that we suggested! Try your hand at anything that comes to mind and see where it takes you. Who knows, the next idea we share could be yours!


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