March 9, 2018

Inside our Chigiri-e Starter Tool kit, you will find a bright green bottle. This is the Yamato glue. For over 60 years, this Yamato glue has been loved by many around Japan.

Yamato Glue

It is one of the most trusted craft tools in Japan for its environmentally friendly ingredients. It is made from tapioca starch, is non-toxic, and has no fumes. Because of its 100% natural composition, this glue is acid-free, which is great for archival purposes as well.

It is clear and colorless, and dries clear. This glue is perfect for working with fine papers such as Washi paper and other porous surfaces. It is ideal to be applied with a brush but it is also safe to be used with your fingers.

For our Chigiri-e motifs, this glue is best when diluted with water. A good place to start is a 3:1 ratio of water to glue. Watch the video below to see the consistency you want to reach.

This easy to use glue is a must for your craft projects!

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