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Healthy (But Not Too Healthy) Holiday Dessert Recipe: Candied Fruit Lollipop

Do you love holiday desserts that are healthy, but not too healthy? This year, have a happy and healthier holiday season with this delightful fruity snack that will keep you and your kids coming back for more! 
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Too Precious to Eat! “Kyaraben”, The Japanese Artistic Bento Craze

Most people are familiar with the concept of bento, a single-serve, packed meal of Japanese origin. But do you know what a kyaraben is? 
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It is always fun to start thinking about the holidays! These festive Chigiri-e holiday motifs are sure to fill your heart with cheer. They are sophisticated enough to give as gifts and beautiful enough to be displayed proudly in your home.
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The World of Chirimen Hand-Sewing Craft by Nobuko Naito

Nobuko Naito, a popular creator of Chirimen crafts, lives in a quaint traditional-Japanese style home in Himeji, Hyogo. The annex to the main building is her spacious atelier which Naito fills with Chirimen art of dolls, animals, flowers, ornaments...
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New in Store: Christmas Rose and Strawberries

Exciting news: New Chigiri-e motifs are here! The temperature is dropping, leaves are changing colors, and you are starting to spend more time inside. It’s a lovely time to get to crafting!

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