February 9, 2021

A Feast for The Eyes: Food Made from Washi Paper

A talented man in Japan created a series of paper-made foods that captured the real essence of meals using colorful Washi paper. His works are incredibly lifelike that it takes the viewers a few seconds to realize that the appetizing pizza and sushi are actually inedible.

pot pieCasserole: Image credit @meganenoo

These creations are the works of Kazuhiko Nishitaki, a 75-year-old from Osaka, Japan. Kazuhiko started working on these paper sculptures of food at the age of 70 simply as a hobby, having a good laugh occasionally by leaving a lifelike sardine in the refrigerator for his wife or pranking his grandchild to hand over a fake sweet bun.

It was little more than just a side interest of him before his son, who was convinced his father had a special talent, opened a Twitter account @meganenooo to post photos of Kazuhiko’s works. His intuition was right - it did not take long before the unique and playful creations attracted tens of thousands of likes and more than 9,000 followers, preceded by several invitations to local exhibitions.

material washiKazuhiko's stash of Washi paper rolls and strips.  Image credit @meganenoo

The primary material Kazuhiko uses is Washi paper of different colors and textures. He never paints or dyes his creations, but rather takes advantage of the colors of the paper and the gradation in it to make a tone. Along with Washi’s handcrafted feel and its slightly translucent look, the paper-made foods not only look realistic, but also incredibly appealing.

matcha tiramisuMatcha tiramisu. Did you see the wooden container is also made out of Washi paper?  Image credit @meganenoo

inflight mealIn-flight meal  Image credit @meganenoo

party foodCanapés Image credit @meganenoo

teaTea Image credit @meganenoo

bread-1Bread Image credit @meganenoo

spring rollsSpring rolls  Image credit @meganenoo

bento boxBento box  Image credit @meganenoo

bunsCream filled chocolate cookie sandwiches  Image credit @meganenoo

ramenOoops! Cup Noodles  Image credit @meganenoo

watermelonWatermelon slice  Image credit @meganenoo

chocolate 2Box of chocolate  Image credit @meganenoo

cakeCake  Image credit @meganenoo

chocolate icecreamChocolate ice cream  Image credit @meganenoo

sushi-1Sushi  Image credit @meganenoo

takoyakiTakoyaki. The pan is made out of Washi paper, as well!  Image credit @meganenoo

soupSoup. I looked closely, but still don't understand how the artist made the mitsuba garnish look like floating atop the broth! Do you?    Image credit @meganenoo

yakitoriYakitori on skewers  Image credit @meganenoo

sweet 2Kintsuba (sweet bean cake)  Image credit @meganenoo

chicken legsChicken legs with roasted vegetables  Image credit @meganenoo

eggsFried egg  Image credit @meganenoo

cake 2Chocolate cake  Image credit @meganenoo

grapesGrapes in syrup  Image credit @meganenoo

dessertGrape jelly  Image credit @meganenoo

icecreamIce cream  Image credit @meganenoo

tempuraTempura  Image credit @meganenoo

Kazuhiko is showing a great example that it’s never too late to start something new, no matter how old you are! 

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