July 27, 2020

Beautiful & Delicious Japanese Fruit Sandwich Recipe

The fruit sandwich, or fruit sando as we call it, is a Japanese specialty found all over Japan in bakeries, café, and even convenience stores. It is a sweet sandwich filled with fresh seasonal fruit and velvety whipped cream between two slices of pillowy white bread.  


The fruit sando tastes like sponge cake, but much lighter and more refreshing. What makes it special is the simplicity which allows the fruit itself to shine. The smooth, fluffy whipped cream brings all the flavors together, contributing just the right sweetness. It is usually served as an afternoon snack, but the bread and chunks of fresh fruit combination makes it a nice breakfast treat or a filling lunch as well.

fruits sando mochizukiFruit Sandos at a grocery store. "Chock Full of Fruits!" the sign says.

I still remember when the fruit sandwiches were so popular in my all-girls high school that we had to run to the school cafeteria to buy one for lunch as soon as the morning class finished, or they would be gone! 

serving suggestion 3

he Japanese fruit sandwich can be easily recreated at home with a few ingredients! You can use whatever fruits you love or you have at hand. Choose bread that is soft, and ideally square. In this recipe, I used white sandwich bread bought at a local grocery store.

sandwich bread

How To Make Japanese Fruit Sandwiches


1 cup (240ml) heavy cream
3 ounces (90g) cream cheese or mascarpone cheese
4 tablespoons sugar
10 slices soft bread
Assorted fruits (12 strawberries, 10 red and green grapes, a kiwi, half a banana, and a clementine are used in this recipe.)


Strawberries: Remove the green leaves. Cut into two if they are large or leave as is.
Red and Green grapes: Leave as is.
Kiwi: Peel and cut into two or four or a flower shape using a cookie cutter.
Banana: Peel and cut into thick slices or a flower shape using a cookie cutter.
Clementine: Peel and split into three or four.

💡 Other popular choices for fruit sandwiches are peaches and mangos. You may use any fruits, as long as they are not very watery, such as watermelons or grapefruits. They would bleed in the sandwiches and make the whipped cream soggy.



1  Slice off the crusts from the bread with a sharp bread knife if you prefer crust-free sandwiches. I usually leave the crusts on because I love the edges.    


2  Make sure to chill the heavy cream well before using. Place the heavy cream in a bowl in an ice bath. Whip the cream gradually adding the sugar. When you have a soft peak, add the cream cheese, and continue to whip until firm peaks hold their form.

spread the cream

3  Spread a layer of cream onto each slice of bread.

vertical 1

vertical 2

vertical 3

vertical 4

cross cut

4  Align the fruits on bread slices. Think ahead about how you will be cutting when slicing the sandwiches.

fill the gaps

5  Add cream to cover any gaps between the fruits.


6  Cover the sandwich with another slice of bread. Wrap it with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least half an hour to settle.


7  Open the plastic wrap. Using a sharp knife, slice the sandwiches carefully. Do not forget to clean the knife with a paper towel before each cut!


serving suggestion

8 Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Never Throw Away Leftover Crust!

When you have crusts after making sandwiches, try this quick & popular recipe for breakfast next morning!

Japanese popular breakfast: Crunchy Sautéed Crusts

Sauté a handful of leftover crusts with some butter in a pan. Add granulated sugar, about 1 teaspoon and cook until golden brown, about 4 minutes in total. Serve with some leftover fruits from your fruit sandwich!   

butter crust



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