August 31, 2020

Easy To Make DIY Face Mask Keeper Tutorial: Washable, Reusable Case

As face masks have become a large part of our “new normal," you likely do not leave home without wearing one. But sometimes you need to take it off during the day, such as having a meal. 

The question is, where do you put your mask when it is removed from your face. Is your mask directly in your handbag or on the table? Or, does it rest under the chin, or hang off your ear like an earring?

mask on the table 3

Health care professionals are concerned about these habits that face masks are stored improperly. If there are viruses trapped on the outside of the mask, they might contaminate your belongings, your face, and the inside the mask. To avoid these risks, you need to be storing your face mask safely in a case when you need to take it off from the face temporarily.


This week, we are sharing how to make a mask case. This face mask holder is so handy to use and very simple to make that everyone, even people with little or no sewing experience, can make it.

image 8
I have already made four for each of my family and am planning to make some more to give to my neighbors and friends!

image 10

car 2


2 fabric pieces: 10 x 6 inches (25 x 15 cm), or fit to your face mask
1 pair of snaps or Velcro

1.cut the fabric with sizes

original sizes-1Cut two pieces of fabric into 10 x 6 inches (25 x 15 cm) . These sizes are for a regular face mask. Adjust the sizes by placing your mask in the center on the fabric as the second picture. togetherSew together the two fabric pieces face-to-face using 1/2“ (1 cm) seam allowance. Leave a 3 inch (8 cm) opening.

turning overTurn inside out.

sew the edgesSew all the way around the edges. on snaps photo

plastic snaps installed
velcro attached photoInstall some kind of closure. You can use a pair of sew-on snaps, plastic snaps, or Velcro.

mask placedPlace the exposed side of the face mask down on the inside of the case.

7.mask inFold the case in half and close.

image 2Now it’s ready to go inside your pocket, purse, car console, place on the table, or attach to a keyring!

wash and goWash the mask case after each use!


Cut off the corners before starting sewing to have a different look!



If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to see challenge yourself to another craft, check out the Chigiri-e, Chirimen, and Etegami courses that Japanese Creations has to offer. These Japanese arts and crafts are fun, creative, and free flowing. Express yourself in a new way through our arts and crafts!

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