April 6, 2020

How To Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up When Wearing A Mask

It is a tough time for everyone, but especially so for people who should wear glasses and a mask at the same time. The feeling is quite uncomfortable when the lenses begin to fog up which quickly impairs the vision. 

I have seen people in grocery stores taking off their glasses to wipe the moist off with a shirt then putting them back on, or pulling the mask up and down frequently, resulting in a lot of touch to the face that is not recommended.

Therefore this week, we are sharing a few tips to avoid those annoying foggy lenses.


So, what causes this phenomenon?
When you breathe out into the mask, your breath is likely to escape through the gap between the mask and your face.  When the warm, moist air encounters the cool lens surface, it changes into tiny water droplets which you see as fog.

This means that closing the gap is crucial in order to stop your glasses fogging up.

TIP 1 Nose Wire

If your mask does not have a nose wire, make a piece of wire from aluminum foil and insert it into your mask.

foil 4This tutorial is using No-Sew Pleated Face Mask with Handkerchief and Hair Tie  from our previous blog post.

foil 11.  Cut a piece of aluminum foil approximately 5 inches by 7 inches. (12 cm by 18 cm)
Width depends on the width of your mask.

foil 2foil 32  Fold it five times to make a long piece of wire

foil 63.  Open your mask then insert the wire along the upper edge. 

foil 74.  Fold back your mask 

foil 85.  Wear your mask and adjust the wire to the shape of your face, especially over your nose bridge.

foil 9

Any soft wire would work. I have tried twist ties from grocery stores and electrical appliances, thin wire from an old ornament, and craft wire. They all worked fine. 

TIP 2  Tissue Paper

This tip is widespread among people in Japan who are experienced wearing masks and glasses at the same time.

tissue 1tissue 2 1.  Fold tissue paper about 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the edge then fold back and forth like an accordion.  

tissue 32.  Wear the tissue on the bridge of your nose under the mask. 

tissue 43.  If any part of the tissue is showing, you can tuck it under the mask. 

This solution is quite effective because it not only closes the space but absorbs the moisture from the breath.

TIP 3  Folding Down the Top of Your Mask

This tutorial is for a paper mask with or without a nose wire.

fold 11.  Before wearing the mask, fold a quarter inch from the top outside.

fold 22.  The mask will fit more snugly around the nose area.

Tip 4  Keeping Your Glasses Clean

clean 1Clean your glasses before wearing a mask. Dirty lenses are more easily to fog because dirt and smudges trap moisture. Make it a habit to clean your glasses before wearing your mask!

These tips work differently for each person depending on the face shape, glasses, and what kind of mask is used. Try each solution and mix it up until you find the one that works for you.


Watch the tutorial on YouTube!



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