July 7, 2020

How To Make a Light, 2 Layered Mask for Warm Weather with Free Pattern

Written by Kumiko Toya

According to health officials, wearing a face covering is still strongly encouraged, or in some places, mandatory in public spaces. This means that we will be wearing a face mask all summer long.

You might be feeling intimidated having to balance the COVID safety and your comfort in 90 degree weather. Therefore this week, we are sharing a mask tutorial to help your face mask experience as bearable as possible.

100% cotton
Many recent reports show tightly woven 100% cotton fabric is the coolest on the face and effective to prevent spreading the virus.

Weight is important
A lightweight mask not only stays fit to your face but is gentle on your ears as well. It also decreases the impulse to touch the face to adjust the mask — which is a big no.

How many layers?
The CDC recommends a cloth face mask have at least 2 layers of tightly woven fabric.

Choose color wisely
Darker the color of your mask, the more heat it grabs from the sun. Go for lighter colors!

How to Make Lightweight Two-layered Face Mask Perfect for Summer

completed mask 1

finished face maskThe mask has a 3D shape to make breathing easy.

lightweight mask inside viewThe mask has two layers of fabric which is cool and still effective. You will cut excess fabric and unnecessary seam allowance so that it will be lightweight. I have worn this mask for three hours in the Mid Atlantic hot and humid weather and was still quite comfortable!

filter and nose wireYou can insert a nose wire and filter.

💡 Because you will trim the sewn seam, a sewing machine is recommended to make the mask.

- 2 pieces of 10" x 7" ( 25cm x 19cm), tightly woven lightweight, light colored cotton fabric, one piece for inside and one piece for outside. You can easily find it in shirts and bandanas.
- Elastic string: about 25" (60cm)

shirtI upcycled my husband’s dress shirt for the inside fabric.


summer mask patterns
Click to open and download the PDF pattern. Print out the pattern in Full Scale. There is a 2 inch and 5 cm scale-marking to check if you are printing it in the right size.


step 1-1Using Pattern 1, trace and cut out two fabric pieces of 10" x 7" ( 25cm x 19cm). 

step 2-3If your fabric has a selvage, cut the fabric so that the selvage will be one of the longer edges.


step 3_1Place the inside fabric right side down. Fold 1/2” (1cm) along a long end. Sew.

step 3_3Repeat the process for the outside fabric, leaving 1” (2cm) unsewn. This will be the opening to insert and remove the nose wire.


step 4-3Put together the two pieces right sides facing each other.

step 6-1Sew the unsewn longer edges together with ½” (1cm) seam allowance.


step 7-2Open the piece and press.

step 8_2Place the piece right side up. Fold each edge to the center. 

step 9_3Press well.


step 10-2
step 9_2 Using the printed Pattern 2, trace the lines on the piece.

step 11-2Sew on the traced lines.


step 12_2Cut around the sewn lines leaving 1/8” (3mm) sewing allowance.


step 14-1Turn the piece right side out as in the photo. Press well.

step 16Pin the top sides together.

step 17

step 19_2Measure 1-1/2“ (3cm) from the side and draw a line on each side.  

step 20_1Sew the bold lines in the photo above. 


step 21To make the mask lighter, trim the excess part from the inside fabric as shown in the photo.

step 22Trim the edge so that the edge will be straight.

step 23Repeat on the other side.


step 24 Fold ½” (1cm) from the edge. Press.

step 25Fold again ½” (1cm). Press. Repeat on the other side.

step 26Stitch down close to inside edge. You're almost there! 


t-shirt tie-1

step 28Insert elastic string and tie a knot after adjusting the length on your face. You can make stretchy, amazingly comfortable elastic strings from an old T-shirt!

step 29Completed! Feel the lightness and comfort.

nose wireYou can insert a nose wire into the casing. Learn how to make a nose wire from aluminum foil. 

step 30Insert filter from the wide opening on the top. 

wash-1Wash the mask after each use. 

lightweight mask

lightweight mask 2

top 3Super lightweight and cool, this is the go-to mask in hot weather. 

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