January 20, 2021

Let's Celebrate New Chigiri-e Artists: Artwork Made by Our Chigiri-e Learners!

Written by Kumiko Toya

Our Chigiri-e learners have done amazing things; now it’s time to let others see the efforts of all their hard work!

As an online art and craft provider, the rewards we receive are predominantly based on the learners. We love watching our learners’ creativity and seeing their growth as they learn new techniques and reach their potential. In our line of work, interacting with learners is the best part! We are surrounded by motivated learners who ask questions that push our thinking and help us re-broaden our understanding of the purpose of art. Nothing tops the feeling when a learner shares their beautiful and meaningful project with us that their hands worked hard to create. 

Finished Chigiri-e Artwork

Here are a few of our Chigiri-e Course learners’ artwork, as we are very proud of their efforts! 

*We always obtain permission from the learner to showcase their work . 

Chigirie workSharen from WA
The left piece is a tribute to Tofu, her fluffy family member.
Chigiri-e artTomoko from AZ
Tomoko is learning Chigiri-e with her mother who is in her 80s. "We really enjoy and feel great when we accomplish completing. I am happy to share our work." Tomoko told us.
Chigiri-e sampleTomoko from AZ
Chigiri-e art workTomoko from AZ
Chigiri-e sampleLori from TX
Chigiri-e CraftAnny from OH
Beautiful chigiri-e
Anne from IL & AZ
Chigiri-e collectionAnne has a shelf dedicated to her Chigiri-e projects. According to her, these are still only a few of the many! 

View More Chigiri-e Productschigiri-e4-1

Chigiri-e instructorMessage from Chigiri-e Instructor Toshiko

"I am looking forward to meeting you! Creating Chigiri-e is very soothing, and it's sure to provide you a sense of accomplishments every time you finish a new piece." - Toshiko Kamiyama

 💡If you are learning Chigiri-e, Etegami, or Chirimen with us, please email us a picture of your piece! We'd LOVE to see your accomplishment! contactus@japanesecreations.com

Did you enjoy the article? If you have a comment or suggestion to share, we look forward to hearing from you! Reach out by emailing contactus@japanesecreations.com


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