July 24, 2019

Let's Try Chigiri-e for $5 with Japanese Creations' Trial Kit!

Having a hobby that you can enjoy for a long time enriches your life. Chigiri-e serves as one of the popular lifelong hobbies to many people in Japan. Have a try to see if you can enjoy Chigiri-e as much as they do!

The sample kit “Your First Chigiri-e” is a simpler version of Japanese Creations' Chigiri-e products with the same high quality Washi paper and starch glue. Not only you can experience the craft but it is actually practical, like using it as a birthday card!

I made a special birthday card for my little friend. 

1. Remove everything out of the envelope. 2. Dilute the glue with some water.
IMG_2853 IMG_2854
3. Mix well using the back of the wooden stylus. 4. Trace a design to make indentation on the Washi paper using the wooden stylus stick. Be sure to put the heavy paper in the kit underneath.
IMG_2856 IMG_2857
5. Tear the Washi along the indented lines with your fingertips. If the process is too difficult, it means that you need to trace it again with a bit more strength. 6. Unlike cutting by scissors, tearing gives it a soft fluffy edge.
IMG_2858 IMG_2859
7. Add some glue on the back of the piece. 8. Put it on the card. No worries, the glue will dry perfectly clear.
IMG_2862 IMG_2864
9. Tear out a flame design by the same process.  10. Put it on the card and done! So far it took me less than 15 minutes!
IMG_2866 IMG_2868
11. I made stars and hearts from the orange red Washi, and put them on the card as well. 12. Putting on some finishing touches...
kiki_3 IMG_2874
13. I hope he appreciates the card! 14.  I still have enough Washi and glue to be creative. What shall I make with them? 

Click the link below to watch a how-to-make video and more information!ORDER YOUR FIRST CHIGIRI-E NOW

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Looking for a meaningful way to entertain the entire family? With the deal of DOUBLE the FUN with TWO CHIGIRI-E KITS, you will get two Chigiri-e kits at 34% OFF!


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