November 5, 2019

New in Store: Anything But Scary Scarecrow and Autumn Leaves

Written by Kumiko Toya

New Autumn Chigiri-e motifs! Enjoy 15% OFF storewide!

There are so many reasons to love autumn. The weather is crisp and clear, the colors are golden and gorgeous, and our favorite holidays are coming! Let’s bring the autumn vibe into our homes with our wonderful fall crafts that go perfectly with the season!



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pickup_scarecrow_grande Anything But Scary Scarecrow

We can’t guarantee he keeps the crows at bay, but he sure invites the holiday spirit! The green of his clothes pops among the autumnal colors but also pairs incredibly well because of the natural yellow undertone in the Washi paper. 



Autumn Leaves

Bring fall’s beauty indoors and preserve it permanently with this gorgeous motif! This leaves motif shows the most of the charm of the Washi paper, the uneven colors and rough texture only hand-crafted paper can produce.


*The discount will automatically be applied at checkout // The offer ends at 11:59 pm PST, Monday, December 23.


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DOUBLE THE FUN with TWO CHIGIRI-E KITS! Camellia and Balloon Flowers

February 12, 2021

Japan has a long history of gardening, but the unique gardening culture blossomed during the political stability of the Edo Period (1603-1868). While many large strolling gardens with ponds, islands and artificial hills were built by nobles, tsubo-niwa (mini gardens) became popular among the urban population. Tsubo-niwa consisted of a few carefully arranged items such as stones, water basins, and plants. They have taken root in the townhouse gardens today. 


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