August 29, 2019

New in store: Aster and Sweet Pea

Our new Aster and the Sweet Pea are perfect motifs for your fall Chigiri-e projects. Get your's today!

Introducing our new Chigiri-e motifs, Aster and Sweet Pea.





Aster is a pretty wildflower that brings delightful color on the roadside and gardens in the late summer and autumn. It is also the birth month flower of September! This motif can be a lovely gift for your friend or family whose birthday is coming next month.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Because its petals look like a butterfly about to fly away, the sweet pea symbolizes departure and new journey. The uneven pink dyeing of the Washi is ideal to create the natural appearance of the petals.


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Beautiful & Delicious Japanese Fruit Sandwich Recipe

July 27, 2020

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How to Cook Japanese-Style Roast Beef from 1 Beef Chuck Roast Cut!

July 14, 2020

Getting Started

The Beef Chuck Roast is a cross-cut section from around the shoulder part. It is a flavorful, and relatively affordable cut that offers a range of cooking options with its large size and versatility. I am sure you have at least one go-for Chuck Roast recipe for a family get-together or a dinner party!

However, the downside of this useful cut of meat is that it is made up of different types of muscles so when cooked as a whole, you are more likely to get irregular pieces – some tender and fatty, some chewy and lean, making it a challenge to chefs.


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