October 22, 2019

Stitching Techniques Every Sewer Should Possess

Even if you have a high-end sewing machine, many sewing projects still require a bit of hand sewing to achieve the result you desire. So we have rounded up five stitches and techniques that can be used on a Chirimen project or other myriad projects of sewing, complete with video tutorials.

sewing backstitch
Backstitch: stitches are made backward to the general direction of the sewing. The primary function of the backstitch is to join seams that require strength.

sewing halfbackstitch

Half-backstitch: a sewing technique similar to the backstitch but with spaces left between stitches on the front side. This sewing technique is slightly looser than a backstitch but stronger than a running stitch.

 sewing whipstitch

Whip Stitch: a technique usually used to sew together two separate pieces of fabric like alterations on your skirt or pants. It is useful to hide the seam.



Fuji Musubi: Japanese knot “Fuji-Musubi”: it is also called "lock knot" because of their intricate formation that make the knots almost impossible to be untied and re-tied without knowing their structure. It is said that high ranked samurai used the knot for his tea leaf box by fear of poisoning. Nowadays the knot is a symbol of safe keeping thus being used for charms offering protection against evil and danger. How you use them is up to you - the knot makes great brooches, hair accessories, or earrings, and you can apply them to your sewing projects as well.




Thread loop: a thread loop is a strand of thread that is stitched together to create a single loop. Normally you see this loop when you need a button loop or belt loop for very fine fabrics, such as Chirimen, silk, or sheers . It looks sophisticated but is very functional too, and you can create it with a simple, repeating process!



For more details on these sewing techniques, check out our blogs.

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 Take a look at our Chirimen projects and get started with yours today!



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